Nothing in Life is Free

Like the grande green tea frapuccino that I I got from Starbucks last week because I downloaded their app

green tea frappucino

or a movie ticket every day for two weeks to try the moviepass card,

movie pass

or the one week pass the husband got at my gym since I have become a member, or

free gym pass

the meal at Sweet Tomatoes because they ran out of the limited salad, not even the free Amazon card for using Remitly the first time.  Indeed, nothing in life is free. Winking smile


I’m feeling quite antsy tonight.  Might be the hormones, might be the lack of activity this weekend or the fact that its a Sunday night which is what normally happens to me the night before another work week.  I feel hungry but not really, I feel frustrated but for what?  What a confusing feeling!  So, I’m […]