November 2, 2014
by admin

I’m sorta back…

It feels like a million years since I’ve updated this blog.  Looking at it now with its “summer beach theme” while I type with cold hands due to the cold weather.  I have to say that my husband has been busier with his blog these past months.  The blog needs a lot of work so hopefully I can do that before the year ends.  It’s good to be back and update my lil space on the web. Smile

June 27, 2014
by admin

I said I wouldn’t but I did it anyway…

I’m always behind the “latest and greatest” which I don’t mind at all because it allows me to be able to see other people’s reaction over them before I try it myself.  I often lean on the conservative approach when it comes into trying out fads.  With that said,  I have been all over Fifty Shades of Grey series these past two weeks,.

I have read both positive and negative reviews about these books a long time ago.  When I started reading book one, I wasn’t expecting much but I was highly intrigued about its popularity.   Obviously, I was aware about all the sex and BDSM stuff on it because it is often categorized as an erotic novel and that’s what it’s known for.  Guess what, I found the series quite entertaining.  I had to skip some pages though.  There were just too much sex scenes that it became boring.  And for pete’s sake, stop talking about her “inner goddess.”  Apart from these things, the series was ok and I can’t help myself but fall in love with the fictional Christian Grey.

Here are Mr. Grey’s winning qualities:

grey qualities

My husband has these qualities but he is still working on the billionaire part. Winking smile

May 26, 2014
by admin

Loong Weekend

My employer gave me the Friday off which gave me four days off from work.  What a relief!  I have been dying to get some time off from work as it has been driving me cray lately.  I haven’t had a break in months!  It was also our 6th year anniversary.   Unfortunately, we were not able to do much on the day itself because we were too busy running errands.


The mister wanted to take me to a theme park specifically, Universal Studios because I’m addicted to anything Harry Potter.  However, I told him to put it off for now as I don’t want to wait in line under the Florida sun.  I know it is not officially summer yet but it has already been so humid.  I’d rather wait and go there in the Fall.  With no other plans in mind, I suggested we just go around Orlando since we normally go to Tampa.  And that we did.  Nothing spectacular but it was a change of scenery.  As cliché as it may sound but anything feels special when spent with the person that matters to you the most. <3

April 28, 2014
by admin

A New Trail

The local newspaper has just published an article about the new addition to the Withlacoochee State Trail.   We have been on the different parts of the trail all over the county in more than one occasion.   The mister suggested yesterday to check it out and see what’s out there.  I googled this new location and found some interesting pictures that piqued my interest.  So, off we went to Dunnellon.   At first we got confused where to park but after going in the trail we saw ample space for parking.  The trail was quite short but the view was fantastic.  I saw different animals that I normally don’t see on other parts of the trail.  I’ll let the photos describe what I saw…






What a lovely view!


And of course, this ain’t Florida without the presence of a gator…


April 27, 2014
by admin

Better Days

There are days when it was just simply hard for me to get out of the bed.  It doesn’t matter that I had the weekend to rest or I had more than 8 hrs of sleep the night before.  It’s just one of those days weeks.  These past week has been nothing but amazing.  I was all caught up with work, was able to go home on time each day, had enormous amount of energy, was able to cook a couple of nights, was able to spend time with friends and most of all, alone time with the mister.  How I wish every week is like this!   I hope this will stay long because it makes my life sweeter. 



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