Back On The Road

I had a short-lived driving experience due to some problems with the license. I just got it straightened out finally after a trip to the big city. All is well now and my eyes were twinkling when I read the “safe driver” note at the bottom. Hehe. Now, the next ordeal is with driving itself. It has been months since I drove and I’m still a newbie. Everything is a little bit more complicated because we are now living in a bigger city. I’m still lacking in the confidence department but practice makes perfect as they say. Sooner or later, I want to be able to drive myself to different places. Sometimes I think about getting a motorcycle endorsement but I’m not planning on riding one on the road. I only want it because I like ATVs but I’m not sure if they are considered as “motorcycles”. I just thought it would be fun to do a mini atv racing with the husband here in our big front lawn.

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