Getting Back on Track

The title above is exactly what I wrote in my planner today.  After facing difficult times last week including an excruciating back pain, I’m getting back to the swing of things.  I’m thankful for the mister for organizing our home and helping around the house while I was injured.  

I’m excited that things are going the right way for a change.  First, I was able to do long walks with the mister.  To be honest, I’m always feeling lazy to go out but once I’m done with our walks, I feel exhilarated!  Endorphins make me happy. :)  Another good news is that I finally got an interview appointment at the immigration office.  I just need to wait for the letter in the mail.  I have been waiting for that since November.   Time to review the civics test!

Things are looking up and I’m grateful.  I may not be as successful as Mister Marty Hanaka right now but I cannot wait to work and have a career again

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