Boredom Busters

The husband noticed that I’m not myself lately and he is right. I feel disconnected because I’m bored.  I can find a million of things to do if we have a property at real estate highlands nc.  But since we are over 500 miles away from that place, I have to think of other ways to entertain myself in the mean time.  After several minutes of thinking, here’s what I came up with:

1.  Read a book -  I haven’t read any book yet this Feb and maybe it’s time to read another one.  I want to read “The Kill Order” which is the prequel to the Maze Runner series but I’m waiting for someone to return to it back to the library.  (Who ever you are, please return the book soon.  It has been in your hands for more than a month now.)  I might just get the ebook instead.

2.  Make something creative -  I have thought of making dust plugs for our cellphones using baking clay.  I’m excited to make this however I don’t want to shell out a big amount of money.  I will have to think of another creative activity.

3.  Start gardening -  I know it is still winter and despite the warm weather, there might still be a big chance of frost.  However, I can work on tilling the soil and starting my seedlings indoor for now.

4.  Change my blog design -  This wordpress theme that I’m using is an oldie.  It’s time update it and also to backup files.

5.  Exercise -  This is something that I continuously struggle with.  I will be bitching and complaining when I’m about to do any type of physical exertion but once I’m done I feel great.  Haha.  Maybe it’s time to challenge myself and do the Insanity workout.

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