January Roundup

January has come and gone.  I will have to say that it was really a rollercoaster ride so early in the year.  I’m actually glad that month is over with so as the issues that came with it.  Anyway, here’s a little list about what I did last month.

Books I read:  Maze Runner, Scorch Trials, Death Cure
Movies I watched:  Django:  Unchained
New Thing:  A new mobile phone which I call Brandy.
Health:  No major sickness.  We have been sanitizing our hands like crazy every time we are out so as to avoid the flu.
Career:  Still nonexistent but I’m still check for job openings regularly just to see what’s currently out there.  I’m holding off on the job applications though because I’m preparing for my civics test.
Faith:  I have to be brutally honest and say that I haven’t been to church for so long.  I actually miss it. 

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