TV: The Carrie Diaries

When the TV show Gossip Girl ended last January, I was on the lookout for another show that will satisfy my need for juvenile stories.  That’s how we stay young, ya know?  Ha.  The replacement was The Carrie Diaries or what I like to call Carrie Bradshaw:  The Younger Years.  Who doesn’t know Carrie Bradshaw and her New York friends?  Let me refresh your memories.  Carrie Bradshaw is the infamous character from Sex and the City played by Sarah Jessica Parker.  The young Carrie in her teens living in a suburb in Connecticut with her father and a rebellious younger sister, Dorrit.  The teen version of Carrie is played by AnnaSophia Robb.

carrie bradshaw
then and now or is it now and then?

There are tons of making out scenes, after all they are teenagers but you won’t see any form of nudity unlike its err ‘adult’ version.  See what I did there?

Since the series is a prequel, it all supposed to happened during the 80s.  Hello shoulder pads, big hair and classic briefcases!  I haven’t missed an episode yet and so far I’ve been loving it.

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