This is me the other day…

 fml drawing

Today, I hate my life.  I hate I woke up late.  I hate that it’s hot.  I hate that the nagging chores are adding up.  I hate that I don’t have a job.  I hate that the car is making weird noises.  I hate that I’m still terrified driving.  I hate that I can’t beat level 169 in candy crush.  I hate I’m fat.  I hate everything!

Then, after taking time to read the Bible, praying and having my cup of coffee…

 everythings alright drawing

Like all any regular people, I’m not perfect.  Sometimes I fall and thinking of giving up but the end of the day, the only thing to do is to dust myself off and work on these “problems”.  Some people fall harder and may require more help like going to Malibu alcohol treatment for example.  We just need to forge ahead and keep working at it so we can get over life’s challenges. 

BTW, I woke up early today in fact I didn’t sleep at all (LOL).  I’m still working on my sleeping schedule and every day is a step to normalcy.  As for the heat, I just need to turn a switch button for the A/C.  I can work on my outdoor project (aka gardening) in the afternoons when its cooler.  I’m still been job searching and I have updated my resume to reflect more of my personality.  I have been working on improving my skills in using different softwares.  The car will get looked at by a mechanic tomorrow.  After the car issues get resolved, I can practice driving more and more.  I’m way past level 169 on candy crush.  I’m back to exercising and eating healthier meals.   I still have long way to go before I clear out everything on my list but like any other hurdles, these too shall pass and today is another day.

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